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Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Without resources the Municipality to relocate offices of Public Safety

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas . - The City Hall of Victoria lacks the resources to continue the project of relocating the offices of the Preventive Police , who remained a half since the last administration .

This was recognized by Mayor Alejandro Llano Etienne said " the town did not really have a budget at the moment ability to cope with a change in that area ."

After the above left between seeing that this project will be stranded , as it requires a great game to create a new installation with everything that makes the federation.

And it said " a lot of money and the municipality does not have the ability to make a change of this nature ."

In this regard you will be questioned on the progress his predecessor Miguel Angel Gonzalez Salum had said had so far, what would such Etienne Llano denied , saying " these were only good intentions ."

This revealed there is not even a given field to relocate this dependence , and statements of Gonzalez Salum were fallacious.

Therefore there is only the mayor says work on improving crime prevention to reduce the risk of neighbors 2 Zaragoza .

Recall that according to what was said by former mayor Gonzalez Salum relocate facilities preventive policing cost around 35 million pesos , a resource that would be set by both the state and the municipality .

Minggu, 17 November 2013

Sightseeing in London using your iPhone

iphone 6 hoesje
Whatever the model of your iPhone , now you can make a small tour of each of the streets and avenues located in London , which amounts to a different way of seeing and where you will have the opportunity to make the same path that carried the Prince William and his beautiful wife Kate .

It's over a year since I ran so grand wedding in the city of London , which has been in the memory of all thanks to the great importance of this event and event at a time. A lot of people came to the city to enjoy this wedding , having had to witness the passing of the kingship by some of its streets . Surely you could not accompany this young couple during its entire run , although different media and television broadcast it live .

Doing the same route of the Princes in London

That is basically what you can make using your iPhone , for which you will have to download a small application dedicated to this mobile and whose link you find at the end of this article . The important thing is not that, but rather that virtually every tour the streets through which they passed this young couple on the day of their marriage in London.

The whole route that passed the rulers were known as the Royal Wedding route in London , in this way , you will have the opportunity to travel to Westminster Abbey , Parliament Big Ben, HM Treasury , Cenotaph , Foreign Office , 10 Downing Street, the Monument to the Women of World War II , The Mall and many other places . The application has a value of just 2.39 euros , something relatively inexpensive to conduct a pre-trip tourism you've planned to do to London in the next vacation .